The Valley Pregnancy Center started in 1988 as a way to offer a safe and caring place where women facing an unplanned, unexpected or crisis pregnancy could find confidential information about all of the options available to her.

Our goal was then and remains today to empower women, to help them understand they are not alone and need not feel rushed in making a decision. Her decision is not for others, but needs to reflect what she truly believes is best for her.

Through the years, we have made many changes and added services to more fully meet a woman’s needs. Since 1990, we have offered Post Abortion recovery services for women adversely affected by an abortion. In 2004, we became a fully licensed medical clinic offering limited pregnancy-related services in addition to our on-going client care and resources.

We also have added client advocacy programs for the father of the baby and/or family members as needed.

Our many years of experience allow us the perspective to recognize the uniqueness of each situation and the need for a safe and caring environment for women to hear themselves think without outside pressures.

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